Clinical Trials and Prospective Studies

At any given time, Boston Children’s Hospital has hundreds of clinical trials underway.  The following is a snapshot of current Heart Center trials:Adjunct Targeted Biologic Inhibition in Children with Multivessel Intraluminal Pulmonary Vein Stenosis (PVS)
This study aims to determine whether the biologic agents Avastin® and Gleevec® are effective in treating the progression of multivessel intraluminal pulmonary vein stenosis in children.
Contact: Michelle Cook (; 617-919-4129)STORCC: STandardized Outcomes in Reproductive Cardiovascular Care
This study involves a standardized assessment for women with heart disease in pregnancy. The goals of this project are 1) to develop guidelines for screening women with cardiovascular disease who desire pregnancy; 2) to propose appropriate clinical management for women with heart disease throughout pregnancy and during the postpartum period; and 3) increase patient knowledge regarding their personal risks during pregnancy and the postpartum period. Women may be enrolled throughout their pregnancy.
Contact: Anne Marie Valente, MD (; 617-355-6508, *4) or Emily Dollar ( Stiffness and Cardiac Risk in Youth
This study aims to understand how arterial stiffness—which in adults predicts heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure—starts in youth. Participants receive $50 cash plus free parking/MBTA/taxi voucher. Visits can be combined with clinic visits, where clinical labs can be drawn at the same time. Patients 13-21 may be eligible to participate.
Contact: Teena Smith (; 617-355-0955)

Pulmonary Artery Repair with Covered Stents (PARCS)
This study will evaluate the safety and efficacy of a covered CP stent in repairing RV-PA conduit disruption during transcatheter pulmonary valve placement with Melody TPV.
Contact:  Lisa Bergesen, MD, MPH (; 617-355-6529)

Other Research highlights

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